How many times have you passed by a spa wishing you could receive a relaxing massage or other services but were discouraged to make an appointment due to lack of affordability. Here at Irving Massage Center we strive to keep our prices reasonable for every client.
 Our therapists are trained in a variety of modalities that can be incorporated into your massage. Please discuss your specific needs with our friendly therapist.

 There are so many healthy benefits to receiving massage therapy on a regular basis:
 •Relieves Stress
 •Encourages Relaxation
 •Improves Circulation
 •Helps Manage Pain
 •Relaxes Muscles
 •Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion
 •Relieves Tension-Related Headaches
 •Strengthens The Immune System
 •Enhances Post-Operative Rehabilitation
 •Improves Rehabilitation After Injury
 •Lowers Blood Pressure
 •Manage Fibromyalgia Pain Naturally
$20 off Any*       1 Hour Massage 
First time Clients